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WWWL Project Overview

WWWL Project is a project aimed at realizing DeFi+NFT, which has recently attracted a lot of attention.
WWWL will grow into a valuable token in the future with the growth of various projects.
We aim to maximize token value by converging VR + Virtual Land + Contents + DeFi + NFT.

What is WWWL token?

WWWL is a fundamental currency that returns revenue from game portal sites, Defi or NFT, or token.
It is a token that is central to various projects that will be deployed in the future.

WWWL 4 Major Advantages! Revenue Model

1. You can get stable dividend on the game fees!


 The good old Units 4 and 5 are filled here!
Sports Bets
 There are plenty of sports such as baseball, soccer, and MBA!
 From now on, it’s not only about watching but also fun.
Live Casino (Scheduled to open in Aug.)
 You can play baccarat and roulette as if you were in the real world!

In addition, horse racing, video casinos and other games will be released one after another.

Increasing the number of users of various contents will increase profitability and commission revenue, which will lead to an increase in WWWL revenue.

2. BSC's Defi Governance Token 【WWWB】 is given free of charge!

If you lock the WWWL you purchased until 25 August 2021, you will receive a BSC Defi Governance Token 【WWWB】 for free!

Defi PROJECT (tentatively named WWWB)

Why should we focus on the Defi market
Here's how DeFi has become important to the financial industry and to financial service providers.

Today's growth in the DeFi market stems from the popular DeFi protocol 「Compound」 distribution of governance tokens (rights to intervene in project decision making) in June 2020. And as of this day, market capital inflows have increased tenfold in just a month or two.

In addition, when describing the size of the DeFi market, the total value locked (TVL) metric is commonly used, which means the total amount of funds deposited into the market.
As of April 2021, TVL had increased to more than 6 trillion yen.

Our Defi Original Features
Expect high interest rates with swap farming!

  • Exchange

  • Liquidity

  • LP

  • Pool

  • Lottery Ticket

  • Automatic Operation

3. NFT's revenue will be returned!


Trends in the NFT Market

With accelerated funding, the NFT market recorded rapid growth in 2020.
Just comparing the number of active wallets (+97%) and the number of people who bought and sold NFT (66% sold, +24%) over the past 3 years shows that 2020 was the first year of NFT. As for the total transaction amount, it has grown by 299% compared to 2019.
The market size has more than doubled from about $140 million in 2019 to about $338 million.
In addition, the market size of the NFT is calculated from the sum of the values of all NFTs present in the market.

Part 1: NFT Collector'S LAB

A project that increases the value of the collection by NFTization by collectors around the world.
Collaboration with large auction houses, appraisal companies and TOP Musicians.
Displayed sequentially with secret bromides and limited videos

With the Jackson Family Foundation Japan, the NFT-linked business has been decided!
With 300 million MJ fans in the world, it is well known that worldwide collectors are paying attention to MJ's NFT.
WWWL's TVL will increase even more!

Part 2 : Collaboration with Big Game Companies

Trading cards and TOP shots of killer content games
Plans to collaborate with the world's leading game, e-sports, and digital service companies.
The company is a digital service company that operates games and e-sports businesses.
In collaboration with game hit makers, we will provide attractive content as NFT.

Part 3: Collaboration with overseas ENTERTAINMENT

We are planning to make K-POP idols NFT in the future.
You can buy exclusive trading cards, secret videos, and lots of fun releases to keep.
This consumes WWWL, increases the liquidity of tokens and leads to higher prices.

Part 4: NFTization of land, buildings and items in virtual space

NFT conversion of land, buildings and items in virtual space where prices are expected to rise in the future
Aim! Virtual Real Estate King!
It is common sense in the world that virtual space is valued!!

4. List WWWL on major exchanges

By dramatically increasing TVL through collaboration with the 4 major measures 【Online Gaming + DeFi + NFT + Virtual Space Land】, capital gains can be achieved by listing WWWL on famous exchanges.

Risk Policy

25 May 2021
Please read the following risk strategies carefully before using this project. This risk policy provides information about the risks involved in purchasing WWWL.
Before purchasing WWWL, please make sure to remember this could be very risky. Although this paper provides information about some of these risks, it is not possible to predict all possible risks or explain how these risks relate to your personal situation. To understand the risks associated with this type of investment, please read the current risk policy carefully.

Please be careful to evaluate whether your financial situation and risk tolerance are appropriate for all forms of exposure to cryptocurrency.

1. The value of cryptocurrency is very unstable.
1.1. The cryptocurrency market is still relatively new and uncertain. The price or value of cryptocurrency may increase or decrease rapidly at any time, and may fall to zero. The risk of losing interest in transactions and cryptocurrency is significant, and the overall value of cryptocurrency may be lost.
1.2. The cryptocurrency market is very susceptible to misuse of market manipulation and other illegal activities. If law enforcement investigates illegal activities on cryptocurrency exchanges or other cryptocurrency platforms, the market may be adversely affected.
1.3. More generally, cryptocurrencies are susceptible to bubbles and loss of confidence, and demand may collapse compared to supply. For example, unexpected changes imposed by software developers and others, government regulations, creation of superior competitive alternative currencies, or deflationary or inflationary spirals can undermine trust in certain cryptocurrencies. If the anonymity of the system is compromised, if the money is lost or stolen, or if the hacker or government can block the settlement of the transaction, trust may be lost.

2. Cryptocurrency exchange is vulnerable to cyberattacks.
2.1. Cryptocurrency exchanges are completely digital, and like other cryptocurrencies, there is a risk of hackers, malware, and operational defects. While cryptocurrency exchanges take various steps to maintain platform security, cryptocurrency stored in wallet provided by such exchanges remains vulnerable to hacking.
2.2. If a thief accesses one or more cryptocurrencies (i.e., by stealing the secret encryption key in the cryptocurrency exchange wallet), the stolen property may be transferred to another account. This is particularly problematic because all cryptocurrency transactions are permanent and irreversible.
2.3. Therefore, hacking can lead to a substantial depletion of cryptocurrency held on your behalf. The cryptocurrency exchanges may be willing to compensate users for such things, but they are not obligated to do so. Serious hacking can also bankrupt cryptocurrency exchanges.

3. The legal status of cryptocurrencies is uncertain and constantly evolving.
3.1. Given the relatively new cryptocurrency market, the legal nature of cryptocurrency has not yet been determined by laws, regulations, or precedent in most jurisdictions. Without such authority, it is unclear how regulators or courts can handle the benefits or rights arising from transactions in cryptocurrency.
3.2. Cryptocurrencies also carry special risks that are not generally shared with the market's official currency or commodity or commodity. Unlike most currencies supported by governments, other legal institutions, or commodities such as gold and silver, cryptocurrencies are unique exchange media in that there is no central bank that can take corrective action to protect the value of cryptocurrencies.
3.3. Instead, cryptocurrencies are still autonomous and largely unregulated global monetary systems. Traders in such currencies are partially anonymous systems that rely on peer-to-peer networks and encryption to maintain digital, decentralized, and partially anonymous system that relies on peer-to-peer networks and encryption to maintain integrity.
3.4. A national or supranational regulator may take unilateral action to legislate the cryptocurrency market in a way that hinder the proper operation of the market in your jurisdiction. This may affect our ability to serve our customers. The functions of the cryptocurrency network are outside our control.
3.5. Blockchain is an independent P2P network and is not subject to regulation or management by authorities or enterprises, so blockchain or other networks that issue and/or trade cryptocurrencies.
3.6. We do not own or manage the underlying software protocols for managing cryptocurrency operations. Generally, the underlying protocol is open source, which anyone can use, copy, modify, and distribute.